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His Life as an Author

Kevin Walsh is the host of Why I Read Nonfiction. He reads because he loves to. “If a book makes someone laugh, cry, feel angry or swell with pride, they’re probably thinking about something in their life,” Kevin says. “They chose that book for a reason, and I want to know why.” Kevin believes readers are the most fascinating people on earth because they always have something to look forward to and draw from. Most are flattered to talk about their reading routine. What they don’t know is how interesting that process is, and they are.

As an author, reader and professional interviewer, Kevin brings their experiences to life. Having lived around the world, with stretches as a news anchor and reporter in Micronesia, Polynesia, California and Philadelphia, Kevin has seen a lot of things from different cultures and perspectives.  

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Kevin Walsh News Anchor

His Current Life

Currently he’s a television sports anchor and reporter for NBC 10 Boston, NBC Sports Boston and New England Cable News.

He travels regularly with the six-time Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots, and has covered the World Series with the Boston Red Sox and Stanley Cup Championship runs with the Boston Bruins.

When he’s not on the tube, Kevin is slinging a fly rod, tying flies, golfing or caddying at two Boston area country clubs, and one on Cape Cod. He is married to Jean. They have two teenaged daughters and live in the Boston suburbs.




He has written three books

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