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Join host Kevin Walsh, Author and Boston TV Sports Anchor

for weekly interviews with dedicated nonfiction readers, some celebrities, other regular folks, all who share a passion for reading and sharing. The Why I Read Nonfiction Podcast is as much about the guests as it is about the books.

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019: A Mile in His Moccasins with Tom Coyne – Part 2

019: A Mile in His Moccasins with Tom Coyne – Part 2

Actually they’re FootJoys, but a walk on the golf course with Tom Coyne is like walking a mile in his moccasins.   You won’t just know him, you’ll feel him; his pain, his joy and his sense of adventure. Much like his journey to find the secret to golf in Scotland, he...

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018:  The Voice & the Book, Part 2 with Josh Brogadir

018: The Voice & the Book, Part 2 with Josh Brogadir

Recognize that voice?  Josh Brogadir is a professional voiceover artist, actor, Boston TV newsman, former educator and a curious soul with a need to read.  If he’s not reading a book for pay or pleasure, he’s listening to one on audio.  The Dos Equis beer guy is not...

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017:  Yo!  Philly Attytude with Tom Coyne

017: Yo! Philly Attytude with Tom Coyne

You can take the boy out of Philly, but you can’t take Philly out of the boy.  Tom Coyne, author of A Course Called Scotland, makes friends out of strangers on the golf course, while searching for the secret to golf. He finds the secret within, confronting his own...

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Kevin Walsh

Kevin Walsh is the host of the Why I Read Nonfiction podcast. He reads because he loves to. “If a book makes someone laugh, cry, feel angry or swell with pride, they’re probably thinking about something in their life,” Kevin says. “They chose that book for a reason, and I want to know why.” Kevin believes readers are the most fascinating people on earth because they always have something to look forward to and draw from. Most are flattered to talk about their reading routine. What they don’t know is how interesting that process is, and they are.

Currently he’s a sports anchor and reporter for NBC 10 Boston, NBC Sports Boston and New England Cable News. 

Kevin has written three books: The Marrow in Me, Follow the Dog Home and The Perfect Catch.

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